Alex and Rachel’s Summer Fitness Extravaganza!!!

It has literally been over a year since I have typed anything on this blog. There have been a lot of times when I have sat down, fully intending to write, but my brain just hasn’t had the space to sort my thoughts. So you know all of those introspective posts that you used to read? Yeah, just forget about those.


Some of you may have heard that I have recruited Alex to embark on an eight week fitness journey with me (ok, it was actually kind of his idea) that I have enthusiastically named “Alex and Rachel’s Summer Fitness Extravaganza!” If you’re at all familiar with the Body Back program that I teach with Fit4Mom, just is just a riff on that program except I am doing it with my husband at home! I have decided to try to blog about it for accountability and because some people have been curious as to the types of workouts that Alex and I will be doing (often with our kids in tow). Tomorrow is the kickoff of our 8 week adventure, so here is the rundown:

2x/week big workouts. On Saturday mornings and Tuesday evenings we are planning to do some HIIT or Crossfit WOD type workouts, either at our house, the local high school track or a nearby park. We are planning to make use of the awesome outdoor workout park at Ann Morrison (they are putting one of these in at Camel’s Back Park too, which is WAY closer to us. Yay!).
Weekly family run. Sunday is run-day. We will either be running together with the kids in the double BOB (either doing distance runs or some speed intervals) or taking turns running on the trails while the other one crazily tries to feed and dress our kids before we have to go to church. Alex is planning to run two other times a week while I will be training with the Boise Betties off and on (depending on my schedule) and running to Stroller Strides when we’re at Julia Davis Park. I have a couple of races coming up in the next two months which will throw off our schedule a bit but it will be a fun challenge!
Body Back. Starting in June I will be taking Body Back classes on Monday and Thursday nights. Just more awesome HIIT for me!
Workouts. I’m finding a lot of the workouts that we’ll be doing from Blonde Ponytail and am also just using a lot of workouts that I or fellow Body Back instructors have already written up.
Clean eating. Starting on Monday we will be taking the Buzzfeed Clean Eating Challenge (I’m so excited to have someone else do the meal planning for me!) but after that we won’t be following any specific diet. We generally try to eat “real” food at home and make most things ourself, but I have a CRAZY sweet tooth and Alex loves a beer or two in the evenings. We are going to cut out processed foods as much as possible, eat veggies at breakfast and try to generally be more thoughtful about our food. We are each allowing ourselves one “cheat” day each week (Hello Patio Wine Wednesday!) but won’t go overboard on those days.
Fitness Assessments. Just like any other results-based program, we will be doing beginning and ending fitness assessments. Tomorrow we will do as many sit-ups, pushups, biceps curls and burpees as we can for one minute each. Then we will see how long we can each hold a wall sit and a plank. I’ll post my results tomorrow!
Weight loss contest! We will be weighing in each week and whoever loses the most weight over the eight weeks gets to have an awesome date planned for them by the “loser”. Kind of a win/win situation. 🙂

That’s our plan in a nutshell. I’m really excited to have something that Alex and I will be focused on together for the next two months. Sometimes when you’re parenting small children it’s not uncommon to realize that you haven’t really talked to your spouse in like, oh, six months or so. Hopefully this will help us remedy that.

We’ll have a few hiccups along the way to figure out. The kids and I are going out of town for five days to visit my sister in Phoenix and I need to make sure that I don’t lose momentum there. Also, that I don’t just eat a ton of ice cream. The struggle is real, people.

Anyway, this whole “exercising with your spouse” thing is new to us. I expect it to be fun, motivating, challenging, and a little bit awkward. So stay tuned!


One thought on “Alex and Rachel’s Summer Fitness Extravaganza!!!

  1. I’m so excited to hear more about your fitness extravaganza! You are awesome for putting this together and so inspiring!

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