a slow start

As it turns out, working out as a couple when you have two small children is actually extremely challenging.

We did a family run on Mother’s Day but since I needed to teach high school Sunday School at 9:30 we cut it short. I’m not sure what our actual distance was but it was more like 2.5-3 miles instead of the 5k that we were aiming for. The rest of the day I allowed myself to eat junk and be pampered because, hey, I’m a mom and that’s what this day is all about!

Monday rolled around as day 1 of our clean eating challenge! Our meals looked somewhat like this:

Pretty freaking delicious. My Ninja could barely handle the insane amounts of kale in the morning smoothie so it was a little chunkier than I prefer, but it was still tasty. The evening snack of pears and almond butter was delicious! For some reason I never think to buy pears but I loved this combination.

Day 2:

The overnight oats were a bit of a stretch for me because I haven’t loved them in the past. But, the blueberries made it palatable and I could see it growing on me. The lunch salad was “meh” but the tomato snack and the chicken wraps for dinner were basically awesome. I couldn’t find clementines at the store so I had strawberries for a night snack instead.

This day was also our first workout together which ended up being a little crazy. I packed a picnic dinner for the kids and we were ready to head out the door as soon as Alex got home. We jogged to Memorial Park, got the kids set up with snacks and play and then did some dynamic stretching. Then we started in on this bodyweight workout from Blonde Ponytail. I really enjoyed the workout at the scissor abs were killer! Unfortunately, during my 4th set it started to sprinkle and we decided we should cut it short and head home. Well, on the way home a thundershower started so instead of cooling down with a brisk walk home we ended up sprinting with the stroller. Our poor kids are troopers. I only had time to eat half of my dinner before I headed to a meeting at Hyde Park Pub where I had to stay strong against the temptation of everyone else’s delicious looking beers and burgers. Sigh.

Day 3:

All I’ve had today so far is the yogurt parfait and the lunch salad. Both were super delicious and both were HUGE! Not gonna lie, I am super looking forward to the night snack of almond milk with dark chocolate melted in it. My menstruating self REALLY craves chocolate. I am a walking-talking cliche. [Update: While the cauliflower and lentil dinner looks pretty unappetizing, it was REALLY good.]

All-in-all, I am liking the meal plan and recipes. The calories are a little low for me (it would probably be fine for someone less active, but I probably rank in the “highly active” category) so I have been adding in some sort of bar every morning, maybe an extra piece of fruit at some point in the day and yesterday I had a protein shake before our workout.

Of course Alma has to be sick this week. 😦 My grand plans of running to Julia Davis before I taught Stroller Strides on Monday were dashed when Alma had a fever and I had to ask one of our other instructors to teach for me. Boo. My workouts have just been a bit more lackluster than I had been hoping for.

This afternoon is Patio Wine Wednesday which will be the real test of my clean eating resolve. HOW WILL I SAY NO TO WINE AND M&M COOKIES?! For reals. I’ll just be the dork toting along my avocado with S&P and my home brewed kombucha. Jealous?


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