rain, rain, go away

We are officially in week two of Alex and Rachel’s Summer Fitness Extravaganza (AaRSFE, obviously). It’s a Tuesday which means workout day but the downpour outside is rearranging our week. I had planned for us to run to Ann Morrison and use their outdoor workout equipment but by the time Alex got home from work the storm clouds were rolling in and we knew we were doomed. Not to mention that we had to filthy children in need of a bath, one of which was an extremely exhausted four-year-old that we needed to hustle to bed. Maybe it was a sixth-sense that told us how our evening would go, but we had both fortunately gone running earlier in the day. I met up with the Boise Betties for a coached track workout (gag. I hate the track.) at 6am and Alex went running on the greenbelt over his lunch break. Hopefully the rain will let up and we can do our workout tomorrow. And if you’re wondering why we don’t just do something indoors, you’ve obviously never seen our house. There is no way that it could accommodate two people working out at once (especially since it means that both kids would have to bust our their yoga mats and insist on exercising “with” us). We live in a microscopic cardboard box.

Despite being an oddly wet two weeks in Boise, we’ve slowly been building momentum. I ran with the Betties last Thursday morning (Thursdays are trail workouts – thank God) and Alex and I did our Saturday morning workout together. We brought the kids down to our closest little park, Bowen Park with the intention of letting them play while we tackled Blonde Ponytail’s Dirty 30 workout. I love this workout, by the way, because it feels so fast and as soon as you finish a set of thirty, you know you are done with that exercise and don’t have to come back to it! We started with running a few laps around the park (which is teeny weeny tiny) which devolved into an elaborate game of chase/tag with the kids. Then instead of our normal dynamic stretching, Alma and Jasper got to choose their favorite exercises for us all to do together. Alma chose things like walking lunges and jumping jacks while Jasper had me hop around on the play equipment on one foot. Definitely not your traditional warm-up, but it got my heart rate up!

On Sunday we decided to split up and take two separate trail runs rather than bring the kids along for a family run. I wanted to do the Lower Hulls Gulch/Crestline/Kestral loop (aout 7.7 miles, which is SUPER long for me) but my pace was slower than anticipated and I had to make sure I was back in time to teach Sunday School. I ended up just doing an out-and-back on Lower Hulls and think I clocked in around 6-6.5 miles. Let me also note that as I was leaving my house for this run I dropped my phone and broke it. Boo hoo. I should not be allowed to own smartphones. Sigh. Alex ran in the afternoon and ended up getting hit by another of our recent weird Boise rainstorms. Oops.

Other big news? On Sunday we decided that we needed to deviate from the Buzzfeed Clean Eating plan because it was costing too much, especially when we have a freezer full of food that needs to be eaten. I feel a little bit like we “gave up” and it bums me out because I felt amazing just from one week of it. When I weighed in on Saturday I was down three pounds! Let’s hope I can keep that up. Now we’re just trying to stick to general “healthy”, whole foods eating, keeping everything in moderation but I’m finding myself having a hard time not over-thinking every bit of food that I come across. I DO NOT WANT TO BE THAT PERSON.

Sorry for a boring update, but the rain has turned us into boring people this past week. I’m excited for Thursday night, when I am going African dancing with a bunch of girlfriends! I fully expect to make a fool of myself, and I am 100% ok with that.


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