hiking, west african dancing, etc.

The rain has eased up a bit. Despite the thunder currently rumbling overhead, the last few days have been relatively dry. That means that Alex and I got to do an outdoor workout today. Yay!

Since our Tuesday workout was derailed, I had my fingers crossed that Wednesday would be dry and we’d be able to head down to Ann Morrison. But, again, it was pouring when Alex got home from work. We decided to just bite the bullet and do a tabata workout inside. If you’re not familiar with tabata, it is where you do an exercise with all-out intensity for 20 seconds, followed by a 10 second rest, for eight rounds, totaling four minutes. We did four separate tabatas, with a full one minute rest between each tabata. Instead of us just doing the same exercise for all 8 rounds, each tabata had us alternating between two different exercises. Our tabatas looked like this:

1. Pushups/Triceps dips (using a dining table chair)
2. Kettlebell swings/Goblet Squats (with 25# kettlebell)
3. Crazy Russians, alternating L/R each time (with 8# medicine ball)
4. Situps/Spiderman plank

The kettlebell is new and it was our first time using it. 25# is definitely a workout for me now, but I’ll be excited for when I feel strong enough for 35#! Also, the crazy Russians with the medicine ball not only worked my cored but were killer on my biceps. I loved them!

Wednesday also meant Patio Wine Wednesday at my dear friend Kelly’s house! I made some totally not healthy chocolate orange ginger cupcakes but I limited myself to one! I was pretty proud. Baby steps, right?

This month’s Mom’s Night Out fell on Thursday night and I was seriously jazzed. We all went to a West African dance class at The Dojo and it kicked ass. More specifically, it kicked my ass. I think the last time that I sweat that much was when I was in labor with Alma. But labor was definitely less fun than the dancing. I concluded that I am definitely terrible at the dancing but also definitely want to try it again… and maybe become a little less terrible?

Proof of my mad West African dancing skillz. This was about 30 minutes into the class when I was still feeling like “Yeah, I can totally do this. I’ve got this.” The following 90 minutes proceeded to wipe away all of those feelings.

On Thursday I also ran with the Betties in the early morning and went to Stroller Strides. I was beat after hitting up the River Room with my dancing comrades. The next morning when I woke up completely sore, I had no idea which activity had fully kicked my butt or if it was a combination of all three, I decided that Friday would be an appropriate day for a rest day.

I had planned a Table Rock hike with a few classes of Body Back alumni that was supposed to happen last Saturday but was postponed until today because of the rain. Mother Nature smiled upon us and it was a beautiful morning for hiking. We left the trailhead at about 7:30am and made it full circle by 9am or so, including a break at the top for muffins and pictures. It’s such a fun, short hike to start the weekend with!

I feel so lucky to get to work with, coach and call these ladies my friends!

After the hike Alex and I brought the kids down to the Boise High School track so we could tackle another workout from Blonde Ponytail, Crossfit Travel WOD. Since we had the kids with us we alternated rounds until we had each completed all five. Btw, those hand-release pushups are no joke. By the time I was running my last sprint, my pecs and armpits were feeling tight from the previous 60 pushups. Not gonna lie, I did the last five on my knees. They were tough!

Not only does the Boise High track have a playground to entertain my kids, but a crazy family from Provo, UT was also there with their THREE TINY BABY GOATS. Obviously that was awesome. Apparently these people raise goats for a living, were on their way to Washington to pick up a new buck when their car broke down in Boise. Since they were traveling with three baby goats that had been born yesterday (YESTERDAY! THEY WERE SO SMALL! AND CUTE! WHY DIDN’T I GET A PICTURE?) they decided to stretch their legs on the green space at the field.

Oh Boise. You’re so great.

I’m hoping to tackle that same Lower Hulls/Crestline/Kestral loop tomorrow – this time with the plan to FINISH IT! Wish me luck!

And for your viewing pleasure, a video of tortoises eating tiny pancakes:

Happy long weekend!


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