womp womp.

Random thought: I love that it’s getting warmer in Boise but I have a bit of a conflicted relationship with the heat. We don’t have A/C which means that my kitchen gets to be approximately one billion degrees in the summer. It’s not too hot yet but we are at the point where all of my coconut oil is liquid (yay! easier for baking). That also means we’re at the point where I wage an all out war with the fruit fly invasion that is happening with my kitchen compost. Just, no.

Well, wow. Last week was a bit of a derailment. The day after Memorial Day the kids and I flew to PHX to visit my sister for a few days. We had basically an awesome time (other than Jasper deciding that sleep is unnecessary when you’re on vacation) but I was not great at sticking with my clean eating or getting in all of my workouts. I wasn’t a total slacker though! The evening of the first day we were there I talked Abby into doing a bodyweight countdown workout with me. I loved this workout! It was so fast and feels really rewarding because you fly through the last few rounds yet still work up a major sweat. On the other hand, I am pretty sure that Abby was ready to murder me. Nbd. I took Wednesday as my rest day and then on Thursday I headed out to Scottsdale to meet up with a Phoenix area Stroller Strides group. The workout was pretty different than what I am used to from the Boise SS crew, but it was so fun to meet other moms who are crazy enough to workout with their kids. Also, they meet at an amazing park that I wish I could bring my kids to every week!

There was a kid-sized old west town for them to play in. We even got to go for a little train ride after the Stroller Strides class!

Other highlights from the trip:
-The Phoenix Children’s Museum – my kids could have stayed there all day
-Introducing A and J to In-N-Out
-Getting so many iced mochas at my sister’s favorite PHX coffee shop, Jobot
Short Leash, a restaurant entirely devoted to hot dogs!
-and being able to spend some time every day swimming at my sister’s pool

Unfortunately, I may have enjoyed a little too much foot and I let the heat intimidate me from getting any running in. After we flew back home on Saturday I felt absolutely fried from my lack of sleep all week. Jasper had been waking me up around 4:15-5am every morning and apparently I need more sleep than that to function. Alex and I wussed out and skipped our Saturday workout and went to the Grand Reopening of the Stinker Station instead! Truly, you have never lived until you go to a gas station grand opening. It was quite the community affair.

Sunday we planned to go for a 4 mile stroller run with a park pit stop in the middle, but a lawn mowing snafu left us pressed for time and we settled with a MUCH shorter run to a closer park, giving us about 2 miles altogether. Better than nothing, right?

Yesterday is where we started to get back on track. On Sunday we did some epic grocery shopping to fill our house with healthy, homemade food and to get me back into the clean eating mind set. So with real food to eat and a pathetic weekend under our belt, I was feeling motivated to get back on track. I taught Stroller Strides yesterday to five dedicated mamas who braved black skies and crazy wind to get their workout in.

Last night was the first night of my new session of Body Back that I am taking. We have an awesome group of thirteen participants plus two instructors and I am so pumped! We did assessments last night and I always get myself so psyched out for them. I don’t think I did any PR’s on my strength assessments, but I kicked ass on my timed mile. Technically we only ran 0.9 miles, but I did it in 6:19!!! That’s almost a full minute improvement for me within the last year. Despite wanting to puke when I was done, I felt amazing. Rarely have I been more proud. The only bad part? Now I have to beat that time in 8 weeks. Ack!

This morning Jasper woke up puking and threw off our plans for the day. Fortunately my friend Layla, who is the mom of Alma’s best friend, was willing to take Alma for a while today and ended up letting her hang out for most of the day. It gave Jasper some time to rest and gave me a chance to get some cooking/baking done. I made some of my favorite crackers (I sub more sunflower and pumpkin seeds in place of the pecans to make them nut-free) and a new hummus recipe – and now I have finally found a decent hummus recipe! Alex got me the America’s Test Kitchen Vegetarian cook book for Mother’s Day and I am finally getting around to trying it out. I made the roasted garlic hummus and it is so creamy and delicious. Definitely the best hummus I’ve ever made and maybe even some of the best I’ve had, period.

Word to the wise: do not fill up on roasted garlic hummus and crackers before you are about to do sixty burpees. You will be tasting them the entire time. While the kids played in the yard this evening, Alex and I did this quick twenty minute workout:

We made it into twenty squats instead of fifteen, but other than that we stuck to it. It wasn’t the most challenging workout ever, but it was a great one to do on a weeknight with kiddos who are ready for dinner and bed. It’s also a great workout to do while you’re wearing a bike helmet and tap shoes, obviously.

The “tap shoe burpee” is my new favorite variation on the burpee. I can’t wait to use it in my classes. I think it will really catch on. As for the bike helmet? Better safe than sorry, I guess.

Tomorrow is my rest day (which is also my cheat day… woot!). This week is a special installment of Patio Wine Wednesday – “Cocks in the Henhouse” – where husbands have been invited and we’re doing a potluck for dinner. Alex just whipped up some peanut sesame noodles to bring and I’m going to make this summer-y cocktail/dessert to share. It’s gonna be a good day.

Update: A week ago Sunday I totally did the 7.7 mile Crestline/Lower Hulls loop that had been taunting me. And I was even faster than I had anticipated… which I think is mainly an indicator at how bad I am at estimating pace.



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